The OSR and Orchestra in class project (together with CPMDT and DIP) saw for the fourth time 80 pupils from 4 Geneva primary schools perform on the Victoria Hall stage with 20 OSR musicians on Music Day (June 22th).

In 2015, the OSR was associated with this project for the first time. Orchestra in class is the result of a partenership between Département de l'Instruction Publique (DIP), Conservatoire Populaire de Musique, Danse et Théâtre (CPMDT) and l'Accademia d'Archi. This project is developped in Priority Teaching Network schools, and two schools in Thônex.

Pupils of 18 classes from12 public schools attend a weekly music class during two years, given by a tutor from one of the music schools and the music teacher of their schools.

The OSR's pedagogical programme and the different Orchestra in class partners aim at the same result : share music and orchestral instruments with the young who do not have access to these.

The two orchestras are united on an annual event : the OSR's concert on Music Day, in which the Orchestra in class and OSR musicians play together as a first part of concert.

Orchestras alternate : string orchestras strated the project in June 2015, wind orchestras in 2016, an so on.

What a dream and a motivation for pupils who have - for most of them - never played an instrument before. Playing with professional musicians in the Victoria Hall is a unique experience! This is what the OSR aims at with the pedagogical program : welcome these pupils from different social backgrounds who have never played an instrument before and let them experience something unique they will always remember.

For further information:
Marie Ernst, Pedagogy and Youth Manager