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The Pedagogical path

During season 2018-2019, the OSR is offering a pedagogical path that will enable 14 primary classes (6P-7P-8P), 4 Cycle d’orientation classes and 4 secondary II classes,  spread over 6 concerts, to discover the life of an orchestra from inside.



All the informations about pedagogical paths (charts, concert programmes, activities) are available in the following pdf files.

PDF Primary classes
PDF CO Classes
PDF Secondary II 

  • Preparation in class with a pedagogical file designed for the teacher and the pupils by the Pedagogical Programme managers.

  • Meeting with different people in the orchestra (soloists, conductor, composer, musicians, administration, stage management…) based on everyone's possibilities

  • Instruments discovery workshop that gives the chance to get familiar with some of the orchestra instruments (percussions, strings, winds, woodwinds) and try them.

  • Participation in at least two activities for primary classes, and at least one for CO classes among the following : String instruments making, wind instruments making, plastic arts, conducting, body expression.

  • Victoria Hall visits

  • Primary school pupils attend an OSR rehearsal.

  • Each pupil is invited (by the pedagogical programme) to the concert with one of his parents, in the presence of the teacher

Two to three half days are necessary to complete the path depending on the chosen workhops. Note that a few workshops can be given in your school.

Teachers that have enrolled their class will be invited to an information meeting eight weeks before the chosen concert (presentation of the participants, handing in of the pedagogical files, organization of the path). The meeting will take place on a wednesday evening at the salle Hans-Wilsdorf (102, Bd Carl-Vogt).

Teachers who enroll in the pedagogical path offered by the OSR are committed to following it until the end.


septembre 12th 2018 

Teachers of selected classes will be contacted by e-mail.


 Season 2017-2018

PDF Dossier Concert Répertoire 6 (Saint-Saëns, Mendelssohn et Dvorak) 12 avril 2018
PDF Dossier Concert Extraordinaire (Lalo, J. Strauss et R. Strauss) 7 mars 2018
PDF Dossier Concert Grands Classiques 2 (Liszt, Schoenberg, Rachmaninoff, Ravel), novembre 2017
PDF Dossier Concert Prélude 1, "La musique américaine" (Copland-Ives), Octobre 2017
PDF Dossier du Seigneur des Anneaux, "Le Retour du Roi" Septembre 2017

 Season 2016-2017

PDF Dossier du concert du 28 octobre 2015 "Ravel"
PDF Dossier du concert du 19 novembre 2015 "Britten et Vaughan Williams"
PDF Dossier du concert du 9-10 décembre 2015 "Ravel, Debussy, Dutilleux, Dubugnon"
PDF Dossier du concert du 15 décembre 2015 "Ravel et Debussy"
PDF Dossier du concert du 22 janvier 2016 "Beethoven et Bartok"
PDF Dossier du concert du 2 mars 2016 " Couleurs et rythmes d'Amérique du sud"
PDF Dossier du concert du 11 mars 2016 "Fauré, Dvorak, Zimmermann et Pintscher"
PDF Dossier du concert du 22 avril 2016 "Saint-Saëns, Ravel et Prokofiev"

PDF Dossier pédagogique du concert du 15 et 16 septembre 2015  "Seigneur des Anneaux" 
PDF Dossier tournée romandie 2016 "Vive les vents!"

 Audio files are available on demand.


Marie Ernst, Pedagogy and Youth Manager