Subscriptions for 2018-2019 season

1. Prebookings and new subscriptions

On our website under this link, you can choose the serie you wish and book your subscription.

• Appassionato (Symphonie)
• Espressivo
• Grazioso
• Giocoso
(Grands Classiques)
• Concerts en famille
(Prélude) now on Saturday at 11h00 - Victoria Hall


THE NEWS FROM 2018-2019

Thematic subsciption
The opportunity to hear his composer or favorite artistic movment on 4 concerts in the season.
• Aimez-vous Brahms ?
• Le romantisme allemand, de l’aube au crépuscule
• Bartók à la croisée des mondes
• Autour de Stravinski
• Chefs-d’oeuvre de musique russe

3 concerts serie
At 12h30 - Victoria Hall
• Les midis de l’OSR

4 concerts serie
Create your own 4 concerts serie at the Victoria Hall
• Pass liberté


By email billetterie

By telephone +41 22 807 00 00

Monday to Friday: 13h00-18h00

Subscription to analytical programmes

Concertgoers may subscribe to the analytical programmes, which are sent by mail one week before each concert.


  • 8 concerts serie:
    Fr. 40
  • Giocoso:
    Fr. 20